Summer Breeze... Is It Possible I am Tired of You?

Confession time... I have had my first hankering for the autumn season possibly ever this week.  Typically, I never want summer to end.  It is this wonderland of sunscreen, warmth and water, which I love.  This summer, it has been the wonderland of mosquito bites, high cooling bills, unbearable heat and humidity and overcommitments.  I didn't set a foot in the warm sand of the coast, which makes me sort of feel like summer was never here in the first place.  I did get some pool time which was absolutely the highlight of these past few months.

I went perusing in the craft store Monday.  And guess what? It smells like cinnamonny goodness and is full of autumn artificial flowers.  The rich reds, oranges and yellows filled the front half of the store.  Not to mention they had Halloween knick knacks out already.

I did what my Grammy calls a "sashay" through Stein Mart to find fall sweaters and slacks peaking through the sale racks of sundresses.  Autumn in just around the corner and I am not mad.  And my feelings on the matter are shocking me.

I bought a new planner and binder for student teaching because Walmart has their back to school aisles full and ready.  Back to school shopping was always a favorite as a little Audrey.  I remember the excitement of hitting a freshly sharpened pencil to a brand new clean notebook.  My handwriting stayed neat for two weeks max in honor of the occasion!  I also liked getting back to school clothes with my Mom, something I need to plan to do at the end of August to ensure I have well-fitting and versatile business casual wear for student teaching.

Also worthy of note, I talked about/made potential plans with my Dad for football season for the first time this week.  If anything marks the change of summer to fall for Hokies, this is it.  We have our eyes on a couple home games and in approximately five weeks, the season will commence.  If you know me at all, you know this is huge.  A home VT game is the ultimate fall experience.  A greasy overpriced jumbo turkey leg and all the discreetly transported bourbon in your already intoxicated friend's socks... tailgating and chanting in the parking lot with complete strangers as you play cornhole or just sit your can in a chair and drink some (many) cold ones.  You know beyond a shadow of a doubt your new parking lot friends are okay because they are Hokies.  Until then...
Get Your Lane Fix...

All I can think about are light cardigans and dark jeans with flats a light scarf and no jacket.  All I can smell is that woody fall smell, the moisture-drained air, apples and sharpened pencils... All I can hear is a loud Lane Stadium... All I can see are my little second graders' faces...or what I am envisioning they look like, seeing as we have not met. And I am ready for fall.



  1. And I thought I had it bad for fall... I'm right there with you! Even though we haven't had the humidity in CO, I'm ready to do away with 90+ degree days for 70's with a chill to the breeze, the yellowing of the Aspen leaves and the opportunity to open the windows in the house. And, there's nothing better than that perfect outfit you described.

  2. Me too! I couldn't have said it better. Too busy summer and so ready for fall!

  3. This made me really upset because I love, love, love Autumn and wait for it every year and the desert does not have a fall...

  4. Fall makes me want to go shopping....which is an ish because I'm quitting my job at the LOFT. I'm sure you know this, but after working at an elementary school, wear comfy clothes you can move in and cover the ta's completely....lots of bending over and sitting on the floor in the elementary school classroom!

  5. just made me want Fall so bad. We've started getting our fall styles at Aerosoles these past few weeks. Boots are back!! (This is what I'm most looking forward to!!)

    And I didn't realize you were a VT fan!! We'll see you on the field, Hokie. GO WOLFPACK!!

  6. this post makes me so happy. I super love this summer but there is nothing like fall time with all of the orange and maroon leaves falling all around and everything about VT :)