Monday Morning Ramblings...

1. Bring on the Rain
Never have I been more psyched to see an overcast sky.  I normally hate rain.  It makes me sad and lazy.  However, we need the rain so badly, I could do a rain dance.  Our poor yard... we water it twice a day and it still has that dreadful crunch beneath your feet.  Is there a worse sound than that malnourished grass crunch?

2. Mel-t down 
Is Mel Gibson an asshole or what?  I'm pretty sure he is ignorant.  Wondering what I'm talking about? Check this:

3. Career Progress 
I officially passed the Praxis II!! I checked my score this morning and was really happy with how I did.  I am one step closer to student teaching in second grade.  Now if I can just pass this plant class... :)

4. Mazel Tov
We went to a gorgeous wedding Saturday night at Hidden Valley Country Club. My friend Jennie from Hollins got married. It was my first Jewish wedding and it was freaking cool.  They did the breaking of the glass and danced the Hora at the reception.  I kept thinking about how cool it was to incorporate the traditions and how awesome it was to feel like Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers as I exclaimed "Mazel Tov!"

5. "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness..."
I have been kicking some major A in the exercise department.  I managed to get in six workouts last week and they were really productive and made me feel good.  However, I am giving myself a day of rest today.  Back to the gym tomorrow.  And on a somewhat blah note, July 4 presented food challenges so I felt sub par in the stomach dept. until about Wednesday last week.  But I am back on track on the eating train now and feel normal again.  It's weird how small deviations make you feel so incredibly horrible.

6. Driving Miss Frances
I am escorting my grandmother to her hair appointment this week.  She had knee replacement surgery about three weeks ago and needs a ride.  I'm glad to help out and also highly interested to watch how one gets her hair "set."  I have never seen this executed from start to finish and am interested in the process.

Have a lovely Monday!


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