Bethenny Got Married.

Dear Bethenny Frankel Hoppy,

Thank you for creating the Skinny Girl Margarita.  That is about the only positive contribution I feel you have thus far made to our society.

With mixed feelings,

After work last night, I was channel surfing and happened to land upon Bethenny Getting Married on Bravo.  Up to this point, I had never watched Bethenny on t.v.;  I simply assumed she was a pioneer of low caloric, alcoholic concoctions, and therefore an okay lady.  Well as of last night, Bethenny has fallen from my ignorant good graces.

This very pregnant bride, while so stunning, was absolutely grating my every last nerve.  First of all, you're seven months pregnant...and you are on record saying the following:

"I really didn't think I would have to pee in my wedding dress...which is really not that classy."

Really, Bethenny??  You didn't think your baby would stop pressing against your internal organs just because you were getting married, did you?  Your baby clearly knows not to sucker punch your bladder on your big day... how dare that baby...

And to top that all off, B pissed in a trash can/bucket in her wedding dress.  While totally ridiculous, this was pretty freaking hilarious because of her wedding planner, Shawn.  Check it out.  

Not only did she avoid going to the real bathroom to pee in a bucket, after receiving a compliment on her dress, she said something to the effect of "do you love it?" which is the most un-modest response to a compliment I have ever heard.  A simple "thank you" would suffice... That seems like a small thing compared to some of the other inane things she says, but that one really got under my skin!

On another note, bless Shawn, the wedding planner.  He was clearly sweating bullets in his ass-kissing, over-accommodation of this bridezilla.  He's probably glad it's over.

Just a couple reasons why Bethenny is ridiculous...  I think I'm done watching.


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  1. but damn her skinny girl cocktails are delish